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R.T. Stokes is an author, award-winning instructor, and Life Mission Coach with a focus to help people search the depths of their own lives to discover significance hidden beneath the surface and to rise to greater fulfillment in each day.

A college dropout struggling to make sense of his life, Stokes joined the Navy to turn his life around. On his first trip home on leave, his car was blindsided by a suspect fleeing the police. This accident nearly ended his life and resulted in the loss of his memory.

Determined to reassemble the pieces of his past, Stokes returned to the Navy, where he searched the depths of his existence and discovered greater meaning in the unlikeliest of places—on a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. Not only did the experience in the Navy change his life, it also provided him with the opportunity to make sense of his purpose, set a vision for his life’s focus, and adopt a mission-bound mentality to pursue the meaning of his life.

In a short time, he volunteered to serve as one of the spiritual lay leaders of his crew helping others manage the emotional challenges of living in the submerged environment and navigate their own journeys of self-discovery.

Image of R.T. Stokes from Discovery Channel documentary "Ultimate Guide to Submarines"

After serving eight years in the Navy Submarine Fleet, Stokes spent three years in small business and ten years at a global corporation where he supported various leadership roles in human resources and quality before being promoted to the Inspired Learning & Process Innovation Leader.

It was during his corporate career where he realized that many people were undergoing daily pressures similar to what he experienced out at sea. He was then inspired to share his knowledge of how to operate at your highest performance level under pressure with others, and he left the corporate environment to dedicate himself full-time to reaching more people and making a difference.

Today, R.T. Stokes provides coaching and consulting, and is a powerful keynote speaker working with individuals, organizations, and businesses to deliver a positive impact wherever possible.

Image of R.T. Stokes speaking at an event honoring Tuskegee Airmen



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