Staying Uplifted

inspiration Oct 02, 2019

I know what it's like to struggle beneath the surface and feel submerged in a seemingly inescapable situation. Now, I stay uplifted as a matter of position to keep myself from returning.

It's a "life stance strategy" that I work to reflect as part of my character. Staying uplifted isn’t just about being happy. Staying uplifted is more than simply having a positive attitude. Staying uplifted is often a matter of resilience, strength, and sometimes sacrifice to take a position in an upward direction even when facing challenges pulling you under. This type of strength is often referred to as “staying power.”

Your willingness to remain committed to an uplifted position each day could make a significant difference in the lives of others – where you work, where you live, wherever your life is an example to others. One of the best reasons to stay uplifted is being in a position of readiness to help lift others who just need to make it above the surface of a tough day. Hold yourself accountable not just for the effort you give but the affect you have.

Find the uplifted position in your life.

Teach yourself how to get there.

Train yourself how to stay there.

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