Passion Under Pressure

inspiration Sep 12, 2019

I learned to produce passion under pressure when I was living in a submarine environment that I couldn’t escape. Regardless of the external pressure we encountered, controlling our internal pressure allowed us to successfully overcome the depths we faced. It became one of my greatest life lessons and also helped me throughout my business experience.

It’s easy to negatively respond under pressurized situations when we’re not proactive about positive emotional outcomes. Learning how to produce passion under pressure enables us to maintain positive emotional buoyancy in difficult situations and stay focused on accomplishing our mission.

Pressure can be unpredictable and unavoidable. You might be facing a difficult business challenge with pressure to perform or you might be experiencing personal challenges with a degree of uncertainty. Dive in with the passion to make a difference and rise to a higher level of performance.

Remember, rise or dive, we’re all on the same boat in this world. Keep each other uplifted!

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