Good Morning Cincinnati Wakes Up to The Relentless Rise

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

What an incredible way to start the campaign for The Relentless Rise book launch. The key to success this week has been communication, availability, and distribution. Kudos to the incredible team at Girl Friday Productions to ensure the book was ready and launched ahead of schedule. I have received confirmation that The Relentless Rise is available on most of the major print and ebook distribution channels as well as the option to order from several independent book stores.

The week started with an amazing interview for Good Morning Cincinnati on CBS-affiliate WKRC hosted by Jen Dalton. After such a long period of writing, it was so refreshing to sit down and discuss the message.

You can view a replay of the book interview here:

Next week, I'll be working hard to provide more content sharing the research and resources that created the foundation for the proposed solution that the book provides. Buying the book is just the start of the journey I would like to share with those who are touched by the message. Ultimately, my hope is to work with others to operationalize the submerged principles in their lives and continue to gather confirmation of the effectiveness.

Stay tuned and stay uplifted! I'll stay committed to delivering for you!

Honored to serve,


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