Quality Assurance for Quality of Life

assurance Oct 17, 2019

I’m on a mission to help people have greater assurance in their lives.

Although the book "The Relentless Rise" provides my submarine background as a major theme, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to fulfill a diverse range of leadership roles in my corporate career that blended elements of learning, development, human resources, and quality assurance. 

The time in the Navy provided me with the setting I needed to enact the change I desired and allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the problems I needed to overcome. I first learned about the principles of quality assurance in the Navy as a part of a submarine certification. However, it wasn't until I was able to pull together the sum of all of my experiences, including three years in small business and the ten years in corporate, that I finally understood how to best create a framework for a viable solution.

I recognize that the tenets of quality assurance have been traditionally applied in...

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Staying Uplifted

inspiration Oct 02, 2019

I know what it's like to struggle beneath the surface and feel submerged in a seemingly inescapable situation. Now, I stay uplifted as a matter of position to keep myself from returning.

It's a "life stance strategy" that I work to reflect as part of my character. Staying uplifted isn’t just about being happy. Staying uplifted is more than simply having a positive attitude. Staying uplifted is often a matter of resilience, strength, and sometimes sacrifice to take a position in an upward direction even when facing challenges pulling you under. This type of strength is often referred to as “staying power.”

Your willingness to remain committed to an uplifted position each day could make a significant difference in the lives of others – where you work, where you live, wherever your life is an example to others. One of the best reasons to stay uplifted is being in a position of readiness to help lift others who just need to make it above the surface of a tough...

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Rising Above the Surface

inspiration Sep 26, 2019

Some of the best moments in my life were actually beneath the waves because it left me with a greater appreciation for life on the surface. This is a picture of a submarine swim call after weeks of living underwater. The feeling of jumping in the middle of the ocean with no sight of land or any other vessel is hard to describe. It’s overwhelming.


One of the greatest challenges of living in the submarine is the constant movement without seeing where you are going. In the submarine, I found myself missing the warmth of the sun, the feel of the wind, hearing the sounds of nature, seeing birds fly, and the smell of natural air. After all the time spent submerged in an environment where we can’t see the surface, when the hatch finally opens and you see the sky again, there is a greater appreciation for life. Jumping into the ocean water where the bottom is further below than we could ever touch with our own hands, where there are no visible shores we can see with our...

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Passion Under Pressure

inspiration Sep 12, 2019

I learned to produce passion under pressure when I was living in a submarine environment that I couldn’t escape. Regardless of the external pressure we encountered, controlling our internal pressure allowed us to successfully overcome the depths we faced. It became one of my greatest life lessons and also helped me throughout my business experience.

It’s easy to negatively respond under pressurized situations when we’re not proactive about positive emotional outcomes. Learning how to produce passion under pressure enables us to maintain positive emotional buoyancy in difficult situations and stay focused on accomplishing our mission.

Pressure can be unpredictable and unavoidable. You might be facing a difficult business challenge with pressure to perform or you might be experiencing personal challenges with a degree of uncertainty. Dive in with the passion to make a difference and rise to a higher level of performance.

Remember, rise or dive, we’re all on the...

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Good Morning Cincinnati Wakes Up to The Relentless Rise

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

What an incredible way to start the campaign for The Relentless Rise book launch. The key to success this week has been communication, availability, and distribution. Kudos to the incredible team at Girl Friday Productions to ensure the book was ready and launched ahead of schedule. I have received confirmation that The Relentless Rise is available on most of the major print and ebook distribution channels as well as the option to order from several independent book stores.

The week started with an amazing interview for Good Morning Cincinnati on CBS-affiliate WKRC hosted by Jen Dalton. After such a long period of writing, it was so refreshing to sit down and discuss the message.

You can view a replay of the book interview here:


Next week, I'll be working hard to provide more content sharing the research and resources that created the foundation for the proposed...

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