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We're under the same pressures to succeed, to make a difference, deliver results, and inspire change in the world around us. I help people reach into the depths of what’s really important to eliminate problems hiding beneath the surface and rise above the waves to discover more purposeful, passionate, and positive strategies for living.

In the face of unpredictable challenges, I'm here to help people learn how to keep their heads above water when the pressure builds under the waves and rise to their best life in every day.

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Have you ever felt as if there was more beneath the surface of your life?

In the book "The Relentless Rise”, R.T. Stokes offers a unique solution to keep your head above water when you feel up to your neck in the waves of life.
He presents key mission-based principles of submerged operation that enable the submarine to achieve success operating under extreme pressures in deep waters and illustrates how we can utilize these same principles to overcome tremendous pressure and rise to new heights in our own lives. 
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Do you have a strategic plan for your purpose?

The Purpose Bound Playbook focuses on helping you better define your purpose to strengthen your base in life, channel your vision to improve clarity on your big objectives, and improve the overall effectiveness of your life mission.
Develop your purpose into meaningful life missions. Transform your purpose statement into a purposeful life strategy for greater significance and utilize submarine principles of operation to search the depths of your potential to lift your best life to the surface of each day.

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R.T. Stokes is an author, award-winning instructor, and Life Mission Coach with a focus to help people search the depths of their own lives to discover significance hidden beneath the surface and to rise to greater fulfillment in each day.

A college dropout struggling to make sense of his life, Stokes found the answer to his problems in the unlikeliest of places—in the heart of the ocean, on board a nuclear submarine. Not only did the experience in the Navy change his life, it also provided him with the opportunity to make sense of his purpose, set a vision for his life’s focus, and adopt a mission-bound mentality to pursue the meaning of his life.

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As a Certified-High Performance Coach, R.T. Stokes provides a wealth of experience to help clients deliver results. The desire to adopt a mission-based approach to achieve key objectives under pressure originated from working directly with people one-on-one in the Navy as a lay leader for his submarine. 

Since that time he has also been able to incorporate his background as a top military instructor, his experience as a human resources leader in the corporate environment, and his coaching certification to deliver greater value through each engagement.

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R.T. Stokes is a Navy veteran who is changing lives with his new inspirational book, "The Relentless Rise." In it, he shares a  powerful message about overcoming adversity.

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Navy veteran and author, R.T. Stokes, joined Morning Extra to talk about helping others dive beneath the surface to discover greater purpose waiting to rise.

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Good Morning Cincinnati Wakes Up to The Relentless Rise as CBS-affiliate WKRC Cincinnati Local 12 host Jen Dalton interviews author R.T. Stokes.

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Incredible questions that really brought out some experiences behind the book that I could never find the right words to place on the pages.

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